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The Hermitage Museum St.Petersburg
Jan Mandijn 1500-1560.
The Hermitage Museum St.Petersburg
Jan Mandijn 1500-1560.
Citters-Hortensia del Prado
Hendrik Jan Boudaen (1702-1761)
Copy of Gerrit Dou
Salomon Jacobsz van Ruysdael 1600/1603-1670
Archangel, unknown artist 19th century
Wassily Khudyakov
Wassily was born on 7 January 1977 in Leningrad, Russia, as the youngest child in the family of artists. His grandfather, father and brother preceded him as painters, and his mother had graduated as an art historian.
Leonid Khudyakov
Alexey Khudyakov
Nikita lives in St.-Petersburg and is a successful freelance artist there. Among other projects he is involved in making compositions for wall and ceiling paintings, often together with Wassily. Besides this he practices the art of mosaic and fresco application, and he paints large-scale canvas works.
Nikita Khudyakov
The basis for his work is mostly to be found in realism, fed by his love of nature, a deep respect for the brush stroke of the old masters and the ambition and discipline to become a master in painting.
Many of his works are kept in Russian museums and in private collections in America, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada, France, Finland, Israel, Portugal and The Netherlands
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